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The Established History of Pimlico & the Preakness Stakes

Pimlico Race Course

Due to an agreement between the sportsmen, a racing event has been organized from the year 1868. Preakness Stakes has been considered as the middle part of Triple Crown. Governor Oden Bowie who is also a racing enthusiast has been present in the dinner party in Union Hall Hotel. Stake race has been started adequately from the year 1870 with horses of maximum three years old. During this time, the race has been arranged for two miles. For the inaugural Preakness Stakes, prize money of $15,000 has been decided.

According to the conversation, a race track has been built in Maryland by Bowie. In this way, the birth of Pimlico Race Course has been observed. The race course has been completed in 1870. The race has been won by a male entrant called Sanford. During the event, a tradition has been started with a bag of gold. It has been hanged on the winning line for the winner. Strings of the bag must be untied in order to claim the money. Tradition has been carry forward till now with the wired line at end.

The Preakness Stakes has been started prior to the Kentucky Derby with youngest horses in the country. In the year 1873, the race has been given the name Preakness officially by Governor Bowie. The first race has been observed on 27th May, 1873. One and half mile has been run by the horses on the occasion. Bowie must be given credit for making Baltimore a location for Thoroughbred Race. However, misfortune has been seen with the track in the year 1966. Fire has engulfed the entire area and destroyed the Victorian Club and violet stands. During the race, adequate amount of entertainment has been offered with the popular music of the year.

In the following years, the Preakness Stakes has been continued with optimum amount of glory due to both quality horses and jockeys. Due to few issues within the horse racing industry, race has been stopped from 1889. During this time, Pimlico has arranged some trotting races and steep chasing races. The Preakness Stakes has been started once again only after 1909. During these lost years, the races have been run in Gravesend Track, Brooklyn for about 15 years. However, it has been enlisted in the list of classic Preakness.

Several traditions have been enjoyed in the Preakness Stakes. Most of these traditions have been created by mere spontaneity. Use of the music piece called “Maryland My Maryland” has started due to an enthusiastic singing by a burglar who has become mesmerized by the horse races. Based on the color of the winning horse, a tradition of painting weather vane has started.

bet365 reviewFrom the year 1909, Preakness Stakes has been run without any further interruption. Popularity of the race has been raised along with its prize money. True test of the horse and jockey have been seen in due course. Remarkable horses race with each other in this great event. The term of Triple Crown has been created only after 1930s.

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